The Torture Never Stops

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From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Interesting to note that this very, very long song :-) was first time performed in April 11, 1975 at Claremont College, California FZ concert by Don Van Vliet ( aka Captain Beefheart ) under the name
Why Doesn't Somebody Get Him a Pepsi?
  for original version See YCDTOSA vol.3
  And a note about unpleasant women sqealing at the song's end
  'Sheer Torture but Zappa has it all taped' Daily Mirror, Feb.14, 1977. cited by Neil Slaven. Electric Don Quixot. p.192
  "The sound effects to 'The Torture Nver Stops' were an evening's work. We did most of it in the bedroom of my house. There were two chicks there - one was my wife - plus myself. I think they enjoyed it very much. We got four hours on tape and then cut it down to just under ten minutes. My friend opens up with a the first grunt and it carries on from there. Er, I don't think it's worth telling you precisely what went on... you wouldn't be allowed to publish it"
  Heh:-))) Studio Z again so many years ago.

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