Call Any Vegetable

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  The Real FZ voice
  The best clue to this song might lie in the fact that people who are inactive in a society... people who do not live up to their responsibilities... are vegetables.
  I feel that these people... even if they are inactive, apathetic or unconcerned at this point... can be motivated toward a more useful sort of existence. I believe that if you call any vegatable it will respond to you.
From: FZ (TRFZB)
  There's a twisted reference to Charles Ives at the end of "Call Any Vegetable." One of the things that Ives is noted for is his use of multiple colliding themes- the musical illusion of having several marching bands marching through each other. In our low-rent version, the band splits into three parts, playing "The Star-Spangled Banner," "God Bless America" and "America The Beautiful" all at the same time, yielding an amateur version of an Ives collision. Unless listeners pay attention in that one spot- there are only a few bars of it, they might think it was a 'mistake.'

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