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  Acknowledgement 5-Mar-2000
  Introduction I (FZ's own track by track comments) 29-Jun-2000
1.   Plastic People 5-Mar-2000
2.   The Duke Of Prunes 25-Jun-2001
3.   Amnesia Vivace 5-Mar-2000
4.   The Duke Regains His Chops 5-Mar-2000
5.   Call Any Vegetable 4-Mar-2000
6.   Invocation And Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin 6-Jan-2001
7.   Soft-Sell Conclusion 4-Mar-2000
8.   Big Leg Emma 4-Mar-2000
9.   Why Don'tcha Do Me Right? 4-Mar-2000
10.   America Drinks 5-Mar-2000
11.   Status Back Baby 5-Mar-2000
12.   Uncle Bernie's Farm 24-Dec-2000
13.   Son Of Suzy Creamcheese 1-Jul-2000
14.   Brown Shoes Don't Make It 13-Jul-2001
15.   America Drinks & Goes Home 4-Jul-2000

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