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FZ's own track by track comments

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From: FZ (TRFZB)
  When it came time for us to do our second album, Absolutely Free, MGM proclaimed that we couldn't spend more than eleven thousand dollars on it. The recording schedules were ridiculous, making it impossible to perfect anything on the album. It was typical of the kind of bullshit we had to put up with until I got my own studio.
  Gail and I moved to New York in 1967 to play in the Garrick Theater on Bleecker Street. The first place we stayed, before we could find an apartment, was the Hotel Van Rensselaer on Eleventh Street. We were living on a small room on one of the upper floors. I was working on the album cover illustration for Absolutely Free at a desk by the window. I remember the place being so dirty I couldn't keep the soot off the artwork.
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  Well, Absolutely Free is the unique album from the point of studying it for insights, because the author, Frank Vincent Zappa, was once so deadly serious himself that even provided his own track by track comments on the lyrics and music recorded"
  He did it in 1967 in the article or interview (I don't know for sure) published August 31 in English underground newspaper International Times (IT)
  Later, these comments were reprinted twice.
  In the first and second editions of Plastic People Songbuch in 70s. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, the comments on America Drinks were omitted. No better was 1993 version that appeared in Frank Zappa - A Visual Documentary by Barry Miles -- the former editor of IT! It lacked comments on Amnesia Vivace.
  So we're gonna do it for the third time and as complete as possible at last. Enjoy!

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