The Duke Of Prunes

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  The Real FZ voice
  "The Duke of Prunes" is a surrealistic love song. Euphemistic sexual imagery popular in country blues tunes, with which many of you might already be familiar, is transmuted in this particular piece from the basic "fuck me, suck me, till my eyes roll back, baby" to "prune me, cheese me, go-kart..." or something like that. This song is very strange.
  See also Sugar Plum comments for Dinah-Moe Hum song.
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A moon beam through the prune
In June
Reveals your chest
I see your lovely beans
And in that magic
I bite your neck
The cheese I have for you, my dear
Is real and very new
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  A go-kart is a small, body-less automobile, usually driven by teen-agers on privately-owned racetracks.
  And now Ray Collins himself on lyrics. "Necessity Is..." p.40
  Ray Collins recalls that [Absolutely Free recordong session], "Frank had this beautiful tune called 'And Very Fine Tune', and when we went to record it, being a little crazy at the time, I just ad-libbed on the spot. The original lyrics I think were something like 'Moobeam through the night', something very loving, although Frank didn't like love songs. And I changed it to, 'Moonbeam through the proon, in June, I can see your tits.' I just made it on the spot. So later, after we recorded it - can hear Frank cracking up on record - it was fun. In fact, that's my favorite Mothers album, the Absolutely Free album. So later, after we recorded it, I told Frank 'Well, you know, I just made up those lyrics as we went along, so if not money, I should at least get album credit for it.' I didn't say, 'Don't pay me'. So he says, 'Well, just tell me what you want to put on the album.' And so a couple of days later, I said, 'Well, just put Prune: Ray Collins'. And he added the 'Side 3' part. That was out of his own mind". [There is a credit in the Absolutely Free album that says `side 3 PRUNE: Ray Collins'.]

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