Status Back Baby

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  The Real FZ voice
  "Status Back Baby" is a song about acne America and their daily trials and tribulations. It is unfortunate that many young Americans really do worry about losing status at their high school.
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  This song was written in early 60s as one of the numbers of teenage rock-opera "I Was A Teen-age Maltshop" recorded in 1964 by The Mothers and Captain Beefheart at Studio Z in Cucamonga.
  The opera's numbers list included
  • I Was A Teen-age Maltshop
  • Ned The Mumbler
  • Ned Has A Brainstorm
  • Status Back Baby
  And was never offically released in original format.
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We played some records by the Coasters
  Anyone with comments on this here band?
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A bunch of pom-pom girls
Looked down their nose at me
They had painted tons of posters
I had painted three
  The Real FZ voice
  A Pom Pom Girl is a young lady who cuts strips of crepe paper all week after school to make an object known as a pom pom. which is a puffy ball composed of strips of crepe paper. After she has manufactured her own pom pom, she will go to the football game and jump high in the air with her pom pom in her hand, shouting, as she does so, these immortal words: "We've got a team that's on the beam, that's really hep to jive! Come on, Tigers! Let's skin 'em alive!" Or: "Push 'em back, push 'em back! We like it, sissboombah!" Then they drank beer and get pregnant in the back of somebody's car).
I hear the secret whispers everywhere I go
My school spirit is at an all time low

-- and here some instrumental bridge goes --
From: Gary Worsham <>
  What was the original source of the fragment at the end of the guitar solo in "Status Back Baby"?
From: Biffyshrew <>
  That's Petroushka! As is the welter of themes immediately preceding it.
From: FZ (TRFZB)
  "I'm Losing Status At The High School" jumps into the opening figure of Petroushka.
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I'm losing status at the high school
I used to think that it was my school
Everyone in town knows
I'm a handsome football star
I sing and dance and spray my hair and drive a shiney car
I'm friendly and I'm charming I belong to
De Molay
  The Real FZ voice
  "De Molay" is relgious youth organisation in the United States.
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  It's very interesting how this light 50s school tragedy of an American dream cutie boy driving a fast car but really misunderstood by girls later transformed in 70s gloomy adult misery of Bobby Brown.

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