What Kind Of Girl?

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What's a girl like you
Doin' in a Motel like this?

"I left my place after midnight,
When I first got the call...
The escort service I work for
Said you wanted it ALL!"
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Fillmore East, June 1971.
What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are

What's a girl like this
Doin' in a place like this?

I left my place after midnight
And I came to this hall
Me and my girlfrien, we came here
Lookin' to ball
  And so on...
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This unfortunate little vixen
wouldn't let just ANYBODY
Spoo all over her lap --
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>>>
  Aber bekleer nicht das Sofa, Sofa?-))) Don't get no jizz upon that sofa, sofa?-)))))))))))
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Same idea. Perhaps a reference to Swag's claim that he just put the tip in. He may have pulled out to spoo in her lap. One of the '88 shows had excessive "secret wordism" surrounding the phrase "just the tip" Was it in Best Bend you never heard? I forget - in any case there was "Lonesome Cowboy Jim" You only get the tip of him" or something close.
  from The Real FZ book
  ... Ike had used the word 'spoo' - roughly the equivalent of jizz - in a conversation. I don't know where it came from, or if he made it up.
p.170 ( Poseidon Press, 1989 )
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She wants an ignorant Cracker TV Evangelist
Who's reciting all that crapp...
From: (Joe Hartley)
  Jimmy Swaggart is an American televangelist, one of those yutzes who claims to be saving your soul as he picks your pocket. He was caught with his pants down, fondling himself, in a cheap hotel, with a cheap hooker.
  I saw FZ in Boston the night that all this was exposed (so to speak). Frank couldn't have been happier. At the show after the Boston one, in Providence, he started doing a *lot* of Swaggart related material, twisting the World Famous Beatles Medley into a Swaggart lampoon.
  Some of this stuff ended up on "The Best Band You Never Heard".

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