Happy Together (Bonner and Gordon)

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Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night
It's only right
To think about the girl you love
And hold you tight
happy together
From: (Ethan Malasky)
  As far as I know this was truly a hit single. Unless memory fails, The Turtles are the one-hit wonder associated with this song. (oh no. Now I've offended all the die-hard Turtles Fans out there. Both of them.)
From: (Charles Ulrich)
  Let me guess... Ethan was born after 1970. I was listening to AM radio in the late 1960s, and I can verify that "Happy Together" (1967), "She'd Rather Be With Me" (1967), "Elenore" (1968), and "You Showed Me" (1969) were bona fide hits for the Turtles. Undoubtedly other Turtles records reached the low end of the charts, but those four I remember well. "Happy Together", "She'd Rather Be With Me", and several other songs recorded by the Turtles were written by Gary Bonner and Alan Gordon, both formerly in a band called the Magicians. As for the number of die-hard Turtles fans out there, there's enough of them to make Flo and Eddie decide not to jeopardize their career by rejoining Zappa in 1988. "I mean, we didn't work fifteen years to clean up our image to do one tour and destroy it."--Howard Kaylan, 1990.
From: (Jeff Robison)
  My, how 18 years can change Mr. Kaylan's opinion. I just picked up a white label promo copy of "The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie" (Reprise MS2099, 1972) at a used record shop. Here's a quote from the bio insert:
  "We're not afraid to play in any band," they said in the English interview, "if any band would have us. Frank took the chance. And he's paying for it now with his career." In addition to hampering Frank Zappa, Howard and Mark have also hampered T. Rex, on most of whose recent hits they have provided background vocals. Now they're out to get themselves.
From: (Joe Hartley)
  `They must be the writers of the tune. It most certainly hit the charts with a bullet. From the "Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock":
  The Turtles:
  The Turtles weren't content, however, and were about to break up; but first they released "Happy Together", which proved to be their biggest hit, and one of 1967's Top Ten records."
  The entry also notes that Jim Pons was in the Turtles, and followed Volman & Kaylan to the Mothers and later to Flo & Eddie.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Not sure who the songwriters were, but it was a BIG hit. It was made famous by the Turtles, aka Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman who joined Frank's band to do more outrageous things. The only reason they sing this song is out of self-mockery.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  This song is officially credited to Garry Bonner and Akan Gordon. See Calvin's scribblings at backcover bottom.
From: (Charles Ulrich)
  He chose it because it was the biggest hit by the former band of his two vocalists. Mark Volman (aka Flo) and Howard Kaylan (aka Eddie) have been singing together for ages. They had a surf band called the Crossfires, which evolved into the Turtles. When the Turtles broke up, they joined the Mothers. After the Rainbow incident, they recorded at least five albums as Flo and Eddie. In recent years they have been working as djs and touring as the Turtles.
  "Happy Together" was released in February, 1967, so I don't imagine it was high on the charts anymore in 1970.
Everybody sing along just like a big rock show come on . . . .
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pappa pa pa
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pappa pa pa
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pappa pa pa
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pappa pa pa
One more time

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