Do You Like My New Car?

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- ... oh gawd... oh, do you like my new car?
I'm ah... my Dad just gave it
to me for graduation....
- Ah yeeaah! It's a... it's a Fillmore,
isn't it?
Real futuristic, ah...
From: (Biffyshrew)
  BTW, I've never really gotten the point of the part of "Do You Like My New Car" in which the name of the hall the band is playing in is used as the name of the car ("It's a Fillmore, isn't it? Real futuristic..." "It's not only a Pavilion, it's a PAULEY Pavilion!")
From: (Keith Shiner)
  Well, how shall I put this.......The hall "is" the car.
From: (Biffyshrew)
  Yeah, that's what I figured...but that means there were a fuck of a lot of people in the back seat...
From: (Raymond Ricker)
  Yes, indeed, the hall was the car and in the case of the Fillmore East "real futuristic" is a facetious jab to the hall's future (it closed shortly after the concert). As a matter of dumb trivia - the last group to officially play the Fillmore East was the rock group Kiss.
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-"Come across.."
- All that's true, and sometimes I even dig it
with a
Doctor Brown's Cream Soda...
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or a CEL-RAY!... but! we are *not* groupies!
No matter what you think...
From: (Ethan Malasky)
  Dr. Brown's is yet another brand name. The Company is still around, and still makes Cel-Ray soda (it's not _that_ bad). Soda trivia (my source is long since forgotten): When soda first started being flavored, they were all vegetable-flavored. The drug-laced artificial flavors didnt' come until later. Cel-Ray is out last link to a past where vegetable-flavored sodas really were all the rage.
  I think the point in the song is that he's SO deviant that not only does he like it with mainstream Cream Soda, but he even digs Cel-Ray. Yum.
From: Martin Piazzola <>
  Dr. Brown's Cream soda - I assume the bottle has a shape to her liking Celery, you know, long vegetable...
From: (Joe Hartley)
  Carbonated soft drinks that used to be found only in the New York area. Now imagine a soda with the taste of celery (sort of), and you've got the basic concept of Cel-ray.
From: (Martin H. Booda)
  Dr. Brown's is a carbonated beverage line which originated in NY at the turn of the century and, like the french phonetic corruption of a short cloth neck ornament, is currently in resurgence. Creme Soda and Cel-ray are two of the most popular flavors. I recommend them.
From: (Cliff Heller)#
  Not really that exciting at all. Dr. Browns makes soda's (soft drinks). Cream is one of the most popular (Basically Vanilla). Root Beer and Black Cherry. They also have (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP) Celery flavored soda, brand named Cel-Ray. It tastes just like what you would expect celery soday to taste like.
From: (Diane Reese)
  Cel-Ray is indeed celery-flavored soda; it's made with celery seed, however, and has that edge to its taste. I personally think there is almost nothing as thirst-quenching as a heavily iced glass of Cel-Ray on a hot afternoon. It's still available; it's the most, um, "esoteric" of the Dr. Brown's line.
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-"You see, there seems to be some kind of
a communication problem, honey...
because I... I am a lonely guy from outta town,
y'know an'... an'
I want some ACTION... what I'm talkin' about is,
I wanna... a-a-steaming...
succulent... ever-widening, gooey, drippy,
runny kind of a hole with a...
with... how shall I put this...
what say we hop in the trunk of your
From: (Stan Ivester)
  I think it's just a joke because it was such a cruddy little AMC vehicle with a very small hatch in the back. Probably just a funny thought that anyone would try to make it in such a confined (not to mention unromantic) space.
From: "Tony Pfarrer" <TONY@UMS1.Lan.McGill.CA>
  There's absolutely NOTHING exciting about having a Gremlin, which I guess is the point. It's a cheap pseudo-sporty AMC car that I think came with a hatchback. It's just the kind of thing a suburban groupie wanna-be would have her father buy for her (along with a COLOR-NOTE ORGAN, ha ha) .
From: Martin Piazzola <>
  The Gremlin is a rather silly-looking car from the early 70's... Little box, usually came in green or some other loud color.
From: (Joe Hartley)
  It was a real cheap, cheesy American Motors product. It had no trunk.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  The AMC Gremlin was a very funny looking car. You RARELY see them on the road anymore. Europeans probably wouldn't find them funny, as it looks kind of like a pregnant Citroen. Nothing exciting at all, they were very mundane cars in the 70's although perhaps they were semi-chic in 71.
From: (Robin F. Righettini)
  Gremlin was an unfortunate name for an auto. A gremlin is a evil spirit or sprite that makes mechanical things break down. It was an early hatch back design, making it possible to literally jump in the trunk.
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- Ooooh! Anything for you,
my most seductive, seclusive...
pop star of a man...
picture this if you can:
bead jobs! knotted nylons! bamboo canes!
  Once upon a time Howard Kaylan told this to Doug Grose <> :
  Various references to anal and buttock-related sexual activities. Strings of beads, or knotted nylon stockings are inserted and then quickly removed from the said orifice. The canes are used for whipping.
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three unreleased recordings of
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fighting in
the dressing-room of the Fillmore East!
  Once upon a time Howard Kaylan told this to Doug Grose <> :
  Crosby, Still etc. were extremely popular and were friends of Mark and Howards'. They were famous for arguing and fighting amongst each other.
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Why, 'n enchilada wrapped with
pickle sauce shook up and down in between
a donkey's legs until
From: Martin Piazzola <>
  enchilada - "inch - ill - la - da" like a burrito but usually covered in sauce.
From: (Martin H. Booda)
  Tortilla with goodies wrapped inside. Try one with a Creme Soda.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  That's "One enchilada" - it goes with "3 unreleased recordings.." Yes, it's mexican food. Something encased in a corn torilla and usually baked and covered in some kind of sauce.
From: (Robin F. Righettini)
  Yes en-chill-ah-da is a phallic cylinder wrapped in a tortilla, and covered in cheese and sauce. A good one is pretty tasty and filling.
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Oooh! my god, I... I...
I can't stand it! ... I mean...
I mean, do you understand the implications
of what I'm saying?
OH NO!!! ... o my god!
From: (Biffyshrew)
  I think he's actually quoting "Going Home" as performed by Ten Years After at Woodstock (a famously/infamously indulgent performance, often referred to at the time). The "feet on fire" bit was reportedly pinched from a feeble nightclub soul singer who was trying to be James Brown...unless Howie's really thinking of James Brown here. The "sofa" bit is off mike and really buried. I think he's saying "I can't stand's SO HARD." Or maybe "So HOT." (Kinda reminds me of the squealing climax of "Fire Poem" from the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown LP, right before "Fire" itself starts up. "Lawd it's SO HOT, let me out, please!" or something like that. Compare it for yourself...the similarity is pretty funny. "Fire! Arthur Brown, in person!" [Flo and/or Eddie, the Casino, Montreux, 12/4/71])
(all sing "Happy Together")

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