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  Acknowledgement 4-Mar-1998
  Introduction I (Lennon/Yoko and Fillmore gig) 2-Nov-1997
  Introduction II (Clavin' cover notes) 2-Mar-2000
1.   Little House I Used To Live In
2.   The Mud Shark 27-Sep-1998
3.   What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are 30-Aug-2001
4.   Bwana Dik 13-Mar-2000
5.   Latex Solar Beef 13-Mar-2000
6.   Willie The Pimp (part one) 13-Mar-2000
7.   Do You Like My New Car? 3-Jan-1998
8.   Happy Together (Bonner and Gordon) 2-Nov-1997
9.   Lonesome Electric Turkey
10.   Peaches En Regalia
11.   Tears Began To Fall
  Appendix (Mudshark legend of Vanilla/Zeppeiln 1969 tour) 27-Sep-1998

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