Appendix I

Organus Maximus Rap

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From: Album Liners Notes
  Ian Underwood - Piano, Organus Maximus, All Clarinets, All Saxes
From: Vladimir
  Organus Maximus. Heh? Just curious how it looks like?
From: Brian Zavitz
  It's also funny. If you take it as mock latin, it looks like "biggest organ". Which of course is only open to speculation, whether Ian Underwood had the biggest organ, or if he played it.
From: (Gary Worsham )
  Well, he was fond of "whipping it out". I suppose one could do it as well on organ as saxophone.
  Anyway, I always thought that this was just a "joke" to cover all of the different keyboards that Ian was using rather than listing them all. I am not that familiar with late-60's keyboard stuff but think it's interesting since it was so limited compared to what's out there today.
  What I know isn't much:
  • Farfisa Organ
  • Wurlitzer Electric Piano
  • ????
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  The organus maximus was not a Farfisa, or even a Hammond. It was the pipe organ at Whitney Studios in Glendale. Nigey Lennon describes it on page 116 of Being Frank.
From: Being Frank
  At Whitney there was a fairly decent pipe organ. The studio was owned by the Mormon church, and maybe they were hoping that someday they'd be able to rent it to the Mormon Tubernacle Choir. Instead, they got distinctly unholy clients like Frank Zappa.

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