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Hot Rats line-up

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  Ya know how Peaches En Regalia and Sharleena from the lost episodes frickin rule and they have the same musicians? Me too. So, what other things did Frank do with Max Bennet and Aynsley Dunbar? Just Wondrin.
From: Charles Ulrich
  Sorry, Sam, but neither of these musicians played on the original version of "Peaches En Regalia". That's the one track on Hot Rats that Max Bennett didn't play on. Shuggy Otis (Johnny's son) played bass. Aynsley Dunbar didn't play on Hot Rats at all. Ron Selico played on "Peaches En Regalia". As far as I know, that's all he ever did with FZ. John Guerin and Paul Humphrey played drums on the other cuts on Hot Rats.
  Aynsley Dunbar and Max Bennett played together in the short-lived Hot Rats touring band (along with FZ, Ian Underwood, and Don "Sugar Cane" Harris). The "tour" consisted of one gig in San Diego 2/28/70 and one gig in LA 3/7/70. The latter was bootlegged. Two tracks appear on Apocrypha.
  His discography listed Hot Rats and Chunga's Revenge, but not Studio Tan or The Lost Episodes, so I e-mailed him about the omissions. He replied, "I wasn't aware of the other songs you mentioned. We did so many songs that I really didn't know some of the titles." I love that phrase "so many songs". It suggests that there may still be more in the vaults.
  Here's a list of known recordings by some version of the Hot Rats line-up:
  Hot Rats
  • "Peaches En Regalia"--FZ, Underwood, Otis, Selico
  • "Willie The Pimp"--FZ, Underwood, Beefheart, Harris, Bennett, Guerin
  • "Son Of Mr. Green Genes"--FZ, Underwood, Bennett, Humphrey
  • "Little Umbrellas"--FZ, Underwood, Bennett, Guerin
  • "The Gumbo Variations"--FZ, Underwood, Harris, Bennett, Humphrey
  • "It Must Be A Camel"--FZ, Underwood, Ponty, Bennett, Guerin
  Chunga's Revenge
  • "Transylvania Boogie"--FZ, Underwood, Bennett, Dunbar
  • "Twenty Small Cigars"--FZ, Underwood, Bennett, Guerin
  • "Chunga's Revenge"--FZ, Underwood, Harris, Bennett, Dunbar
  Apostrophe (')
  • some track features FZ on bass and Guerin on drums
  Studio Tan
  • "Lemme Take You To The Beach"--FZ, Bennett, Humphrey + Moire, Jobson, Brewer
  The Lost Episodes
  • "Lil' Clanton Shuffle"--FZ, Underwood, Harris, Bennett (presumably), Guerin
  • "Sharleena"--FZ, Underwood, Harris, Bennett, Dunbar
From: Charles Ulrich
  It should also be noted that FZ, Underwood, Guerin, and of course Ponty play on various tracks on King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank Zappa, as do many other erstwhile FZ sidemen.
From: unknown
  Hot Rats in Context
  When he began Hot Rats, Frank had just broken up the 60's Mothers of Invention and set to work immediately on what many call the first jazz-rock LP of all time. During these August and September 1969 sessions, he recorded all of HOT RATS, one track that would be used on Chunga's Revenge ("Twenty Small Cigars") and some tracks for Weasels Ripped My Flesh ("Directly From My Heart to You" and Part 1 of "Toads of the Short Forest"). Ian Underwood was the only credited ex-Mother to appear on it (Beefheart wasn't 'ex' yet). The other musicians who appear on these tracks were Los Angeles-area session players. Lowell George, also an ex-Mother, is rumoured to be on the LP but is uncredited.
  After these sessions, Frank vacationed in Europe with his wife Gail, Ruth Underwood, and Ian Underwood, and appeared as the emcee for the Amougies Festival in Belgium, where he jammed with a few of the performers. A band consisting of Frank, Ian, Aynsley Dunbar, Sugarcane Harris and Max Bennett toured briefly as The Hot Rats in February and March 1970.

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