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  Acknowledgement 15-Jul-2001
  Introduction I (Mostly Calvin's cover notes) 15-Jul-2001
  Introduction II (Bill's bits of interactivity) 16-Jul-2001
1.   Peaches En Regalia 15-Jul-2001
2.   Wille The Pimp 16-Jul-2001
3.   Son Of Mr. Green Genes 16-Jul-2001
4.   Little Umbrellas 15-Jul-2001
5.   The Gumbo Variations 15-Jul-2001
6.   It Must Be A Camel 15-Jul-2001
  Appendix I (Organus Maximus Rap) 16-Jul-2001
  Appendix II (Hot Rats line-up) 16-Jul-2001

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