Peaches En Regalia

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Bill Lantz commented on CD-ROM enhanced portion of the disc.
  A Zappa classic from the first note to the last. The song was frequently played by Zappa's bands from 1970 to 1988 and was released on two other albums with different musicians. The Hot Rats version features Frank's Octave Bass guitar and Ian's piano and multi-layered horns setting the melody, followed by an excellent acoustic-sounding guitar solo doubled by Ian's flute. Frank then takes another solo without Ian, followed by an organ solo by Ian. Frank can be heard adding percussion overdubs near the end of the piece. The bass player on this song was a 15-year-old prodigy named Shuggy Otis, son of Johnny Otis, one of Frank's favorite musicians from the 1950's.
From: Biffyshrew (
  I think the octave bass is heard in "Peaches En Regalia," during the first statement (only) of the main melody, and also behind FZ's little guitar solo-ette about a minute and a half in. It's in the right channel both times. Suzy asked exactly what it was: I'm certain that it's just a bass played normally and recorded at half speed to play back an octave higher. This also gives the "punchier" envelope effect FZ described in the Guitar Player interview.
From: (Trh2130)
  Peaches En Regalia is also the name of a boutique in Carlsbad, California.
From: (Anne Threston)
  There's a store in Aspen named "Peaches en Regalia"-one can actually purchase some female-type garb there without ransoming a major organ.
From: Vladimir
  Wasn't it just a name of real peach species (Prunus Persica I mean:-) a little bit pachuco mutilated or even not mutilated at all?

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