Wille The Pimp

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Bill Lantz commented on CD-ROM enhanced portion of the disc.
  Vocals by Captain Beefheart and a searing guitar solo make this one of my favorite Zappa songs. Frank can be heard adding multiple percussion overdubs throughout the cut. Beefheart claims Frank stole the title for the album, included in the lyrics here, from him. This claim is moot, though, as Frank has the copyright to the song. "Willie the Pimp" was performed live by several of FZ's touring bands.
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I'm a little pimp with my hair gassed back
Pair a khaki pants with my shoe shined black
Got a little lady ... walk the street
Tellin' all the boy that she cain't be beat
Twenny dollah bill ( I can set you straight )
Meet me onna corner boy'n don't be late
Man in a suit with a bow-tie neck
Wanna buy a
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with a third party check
Standin' onna porch of the Lido Hotel
Floozies in the lobby love the way I sell:
From: (David Lynch)
  A third party check is a check belonging to someone other than the purchaser. For instance, if I had a check endorsed by Zoogz Rift and attempted to buy something with it, it would be a third party check. Most places don't accept them. I hope I've explained this satisfactorily..
From: (Brian Zavitz)
  If someone writes you a check, you usually cash it at a bank. Instead of going to a bank, if you pay someone else with a check that wasn't written by you, it's a third party check because three parties (people) are involved. This is not a usual practice and I don't believe that pimps are in the habit of accepting third party checks -- it's very likely that the check would bounce (would not be good).
  Vladimir, do you know the meaning of the "grunt" that the bow-tie man is trying to buy? ;^)
From: (Bill Herring)
  I've always inferred that "grunt" is slang for pussy. I don't think I've ever heard it used outside of this song, but "heyyyyyyyy."
  A third party check is, I think, a check written from you to me. I sign the back of it and try to use it to pay someone else. Although legally it's OK, there's lots more room for fraud than with a regular check, which in itself is a pretty stupid thing to use to rent a prostitute.
From: Vladimir
  BTW, just curious is there any CC connection between
Wanna buy a grunt with a third party check


'Captain Beefheart vs. Grunt People' movie idea
  Probably not. The "grunt" in WTP is a euphemism for sex. I'd say that the Grunt People are either people who grunt because they're stupid and inarticulate, or else they're named that simply because Zappa liked the sound of it.
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  I don't know. There's also
Who loved to grunt and ball-
And her name was Magdalena
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  I'm sure I read it too, that it was Beefheart's scatological ad lib he thought Zappa had no rights to use without his permission and appropriate credits of course.
  Anyone can remeber the source? Necessity Is..?
Anyway here is
A True Story of Willie The Pimp
as it was recorded by Frank and released on Mystery Disc album
  And later transcribed by Román García Albertos.
ANNIE?: "Son-of-a-bitch, you did this [...]" he told me

FZ: How could you do this to him?

ANNIE?: I told him that I did something and I was happy for doing it,
you know, I'm happy now, I don't care, you know, what you think...
"You are happy? I'm more happy than anyone" he said;
meanwhile, he's sittin' there completely miserable,
tellin' me that he's more happy than the whole house put together,
he has more intelligence that the whole house put together...
and he's sitting there with his dumb words...
"Oh, you son-of-a-bitch, you are a schmuck and you are a schmuck..."
nothing, you know, nice about people, 'cause all people is shitty to him...
you know, and I tried to explain to [Isis] but they're not, you know?
It's just how you take 'em, I mean, he's...

FZ: Why do you call him Willie The Pimp?

ANNIE?: Oh, 'cause we just imagined, uh... him... where...?

CYNTHIA?: The Lido Hotel

ANNIE?: Oh, yeah, the Lido Hotel,
this perverted hotel on Coney Island... really perverted...
so we made up the story 'bout my mother, uh... ha-ha,
calling up Willie telling that we were a woman... [...]
body shapes ah... 38, 25, 40 or something like th... some bizarre shape,
blonde hair and all decked out insanely and uh...
tell him to meet us in front of the, uh, Lido Hotel... and...
ha-ha... then we... what we gonna do, if we really would do this...
like we'll make sure, we'll see him like, you know,
casually leave the house at this certain time and we'll know that,
you know, he's leaving to meet this woman, that's not gonna be there...
then we'll have my mother walk by... and see how she's gonna take it,
right? You know, like... he's telling her,
"What you're doing here now? You gotta get away!"
You know, how he's gonna tell my mother that he's gonna meet this broad
or something, you know? So we made him a pimp... that he gotta
pimp my mother off, then he tried to pimp us off...

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