Son Of Mr. Green Genes

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Bill Lantz commented on CD-ROM enhanced portion of the disc.
  An instrumental "re-worked for solos" version of the classic Uncle Meat song, which featured lyrics. The melody is instantly recognizable to anyone who ever heard the original and was always a crowd pleaser live. The main melody is heard and repeated and then the solos begin. The first solo by Frank is brilliantly doubled by Ian. Check out the percussion overdubs by Frank. A longer solo by Frank and a final solo pack this one with great playing by FZ. Ian's contributions to this song are also notable. The "Petite Wazoo" band of 1973 often performed this version as a part of a medley starting with this, segueing into "King Kong," and ending with "Chunga's Revenge" back into "Son of Mr. Green Genes."
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  The Petit Wazoo band of 197*2* did perform "Son Of Mr. Green Genes" a few times, but not as part of a medley. The 1973 band that performed the medley was not the Petit Wazoo band.
From: The Real Frank Zappa Book
  Because I recorded a song called "Son Of Mr. Green Genes" on the Hot Rats album in 1969, people have believed for years that the character of that name on the Captain Kangaroo TV show (played by Lumpy Brannum) was my 'real' Dad. No, he was not.

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