Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt

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  And the the name of this song on LP was The Wet T-shirt Contest
From: (Gary Worsham)
  OK, here's the scoop: In issue 3 of Society Pages, the amazing Den Simms, Rob Samler, & Eric Buxton pose the question to Frank. (sorry guys, for excerpting w/o permission, but this is an important question! Also, you guys are behind the times, never having mentioned the thing in your mag. so there)
  Rob asks, "What is a Fembot in a wet t-shirt?"
  FZ replies, "Do you remember the Six Million Dollar Man...?"
  RS: Uh-huh . sure.
  FZ: ... there was an episode where they were being attacked by fembots...these 'Female Robots"...[if] she enters a wet T-shirt contest, what happens?
  DS: Sparks fly.
  RS: So, why did you change the title on the CD?
  FZ: Why, what does it say on the CD?
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And it's
I know you want someone to show you some tit!

At this point, FATHER RILEY
*(who had been recently de-frocked for not
meeting his quota,
and has grown his hair out
and bought a groovy sport
From: Gary Rush <>
  frank is making a joke. salesmen have to meet sales quotas, and in a sense (catholic) fathers, preachers, and pastors are all salesmen. in other words, didn't convince a lot of people to convert.
From: Brian Zavitz <bzavitz@fres2.GLFC.Forestry.CA>
  His flock (congegration at the church) became to small, so they kicked him out.
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coat and moved to Miami
and changed his name to BUDDY JONES)*
steps onto the crowded bandstand
in his exciting new role as
From: Brian Zavitz <bzavitz@fres2.GLFC.Forestry.CA>
  MC (em-cee) Master of Ceremonies.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Coopted by rappers much later to mean Mic Controller.
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Buddy Jones: were the girl
stuck to seat 38 *
Phydeaux III...*
why don't you
  The real name of FZ tour bus. Check out _Stink-Foot_ entry in Apostrophe N&C.
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Buddy Jones:
No, you;d squeek more if the water
got on you... sounds like you just
got an
ice pick in the forehead
From: "Fredrik Johansson" <>
  Ben Watson claims in his NDPP tome that FZ used this expression to describe the guitar tone of Guitar Slim and Johnny "Guitar" Watson The ice pick in the forehead tone. (No source is given, strangely.) But that has no bearing here.
  The expression "ice pick in the forehead" is obviously another figure of speech, and it might derive from the once practised medical treatment called lobotomy, which in the 50's was performed on asylum inmates in order to control unwanted behaviour. It was a treatment fully endorsed by governments in the western world.
  The operation involved having the frontal lobe cut off from the rest of the brain by way of disconnecting the synapses. The frontal lobe is the part of the brain which governs many personality traits, and afterwards the patients were completely different, lacking initiative, uncaring, and the ability to show emotions was gone.
  An American doctor, Walter Freeman, came up with a cheapo lobotomy method which included electricity shocks and an ice pick. After numbing the patient with the shocks he inserted the ice pick under the eye lid, and pushed it slowly 7 cm until reaching the brain right behind the forehead. Here he'd cut off the nerve ends that connected to the frontal lobe. After having had the ice pick in the forehead, the patients acted more or less like robots, or "fembots".
  Also, the lobotomy metaphor connects well to the overall theme in JG Governmantal control of the individuals to the point where these become ignorant and docile. And I'm sure that there are more lobotomy allusions lurking elsewhere in the lyrics; the ice pick and "disconnected synapses" (even if this wasn't Frank's) are just two of them.
  Also much more interesing twist of the discussion (a cote de blues:-))
From: Paula Richardson <>
  "Ice Pick in the Forehead," said to refer to Johnny Guitar Watson's guitar tone, may also refer to the method in which Trotsky was killed. Stalin (I think) put a hit out on him after he was deported to Mexico, and his method of death has been immortalized by the 80's punk band "Trotsky Icepick." I think Tom Troccoli was involved with them to some degree.
From: Jack P. Armstrong <stucohomes@aol.composer>
  One of Zappa's guitar influences was also killed with an ice pick to the forehead. Wasn't he?
From: Bossk \(R\) <>
  Yes and no - Guitar Slim was killed with an ice pick, but I don't think it was to the forehead.
From: Johan Lif <>
  No, that was Sonny Boy Williamson!
From: Bossk \(R\) <>
  'Guitar Slim, a mid-fifties blues player who recorded for the Specialty label (check out his solo on "Story of My Life") until somebody stabbed himto death with an ice pick" - The Real Franki Zappa book, page 179. But I'm sure many more people have met death by ice pick.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  No, Frank is wrong. Guitar Slim died from irregular life habits so to say
  Eddie "Guitar Slim" Jones
  "Guitar Slim was born Eddie Jones in Greenwood, Mississippi on December 10, 1926. Jones started working club dates in the New Orleans area in the late 1940's. He recorded for the Imperial label in New Orleans in 1951, JB label in Nashville in 1952, and the Specialty label from 1953 to 1956 in New Orleans, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Jones toured with the Lloyd Lambert band mainly in the South and Southwest from 1953 to 1959. He recorded for the Atco label from 1956 to 1958 in New York City. The flamboyant Eddie Jones died of pneumonia on February 7, 1959 after years of heavy drinking at the age of 32. He is buried in Thibodeaux, Louisiana."
  But still it's CC clue if Zappa thought so.
From: unknown netter
  I'm sure I've heard the ice-pick story about Sonny Boy Williamson I or II. Does anyone actually know?
From: Patrick Neve <>
  Not that the All-Music Guide is any authority, but here's what they have to say:
  "Sonny Boy Williamson (I) wouldn't live to reap any appreciable rewards from his inventions. He died at the age of 34, while at the zenith of his popularity (his romping "Shake That Boogie" was a national R&B hit in 1947 on Victor), from a violent bludgeoning about the head that occurred during a strong-arm robbery on the South side.
  On May 25, 1965, Curtis and Stackhouse were waiting at the KFFA studios for Sonny Boy (II) to do the daily King Biscuit broadcast. When Williamson didn't show, Curtis left the station and headed to the rooming house where Sonny Boy was staying, only to find him lying in bed, dead of an apparent heart attack.
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  The same blues history source again
  "Generally regarded as the original "Sonny Boy", John Lee Williamson was born in Jackson, Tennessee on March 30, 1914. He hoboed with Yank Rachell and John Estes through Tennessee and Arkansas in the late 1920's and early 1930's. He worked with Sunnyland Slim in Memphis in the early 1930's. John Lee Williamson moved to Chicago in 1934 where he worked Maxwell Street and as a sideman with numerous blues groups at the local clubs. His first recording, made in May of 1937 at the Leland Hotel in Aurora, Illinois for the Bluebird label, is also the first recording of Good Morning Little School Girl, which has become a much recorded blues classic tune. Bluebird recorded him until 1945 when Victor recorded him into 1947. Williamson worked frequently with Muddy Waters from 1943 and toured with Lazy Bill Lucas through the 1940's. He recorded with Big Joe Williams for the Columbia label in Chicago in 1947. In 1948 upon leaving the Plantation Club in Chicago after playing a gig, he was mugged and beaten. He died of a fractured skull and other injuries on June 1, 1948 and is buried in Jackson, Tennessee.

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