Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen's Church)

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FZ: The cowbell as a symbol of unbridled passion,
ladies and gentlemen...
  Any explanation?
From: "JWB" <>
  FZ is saying that the cowbell is a musical instrument that gets people excited, and makes them want to dance passionately.
From: AJ Wilkes <>
  I don't hear a prominent cowbell on that piece - at least, not in that section. If the whole Tango genre is supposed to be a dance of unbridled passion, it stands to reason that any instruments playing it automatically become instruments of unbridled passion.
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FZ: Now, as you might have noticed,
Bruce Fowler has just completed some sort of...
trombone solo based on the... uh...
idea of an evolved Tango event... Bruce has also
prepared for you... a demonstration of a dance that
he hopes will sweep the ocean...
right after the
Mud Shark did...
  For more clues about Mud Shark Dance see. Mud Shark. Fillmore.
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LANA: I'll do anything you say, Frank...
FZ: Oh, my God! Awright, your name is Lana, right?
Lana, dance!
GEORGE: (scat)
FZ: Now that's more like it
GEORGE: (scat)
  Apropos of not this subject, but interesting: has anyone noted that on the Roxy version of "Be-Bop Tango", when Lana really gets going and the band starts to groove hard for a few bars, that the tune which George is doing a tweaked, paraphrased, discordant scat vocal version of is Thelonious Monk's "Straight No Chaser"?
FZ: Lana, you're so good!
We have to bring up some other people to assist you...
imported from Edward's Air Force Base, where she...
ladies and gentlemen,
  Anyone with additional info about Mr.Brenda
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FZ: Brenda... Brenda has a lovely assistant named Carl...
or Robert James Davis if you prefer...
Herb Cohen, ladies and gentlemen... Okay, dance!
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GEORGE: (scat)
FZ: Ladies and gentlemen,
Dunt's ex-wife!
  Gail's brother. See Introduction
  also check out
  Personel's list of Apostrophe(')

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