Dummy Up

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dummy up - (sl.) keep quiet, give no information

The Concise Oxford Dictionary
  This meaning, is is appropriate here?
From: Bill Lantz <>
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What's that?
JEFF: Dummy up
NAPOLEON: What is that? I know what that is...
I know what that is... I bet you
that's a restaurant menu...
Let me see... Let me see

JEFF: Not only do you get the
Desenex burger...
From: Mark Burton <>
  Isn't Desonex some sort of Acne cream? I assume that this is just a verbal joke on the typical burger eating teenager.
From: (Jay Cantrell)
  Desenex is a treatment (powder or cream) for athlete's foot. Could be a cross-reference to the dreaded stinkfoot. Du-du-du..dh-dhuuh! Or maybe, what was that in Marty's beard?
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JEFF: Not only the Desenex burger...
But you are in for a real treat,
  Jim? What Jim?
From: Bill Lantz <>
  Just a generic name. sort of like saying "man" or "dude" in this context.
From: (Hoodoo)
  I would go with "Jim" being a generic or nickname given to a friend or recent acquaintance, or, someone you've just met but don't know by actual name. Like guys in military service calling someone of equal or lesser rank "Joe" because of their association but not intimate knowledge of each other.
From: AJ Wilkes <>
  Could be Jim as in a generic name for someone who you don't know too well; but maybe not.
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JEFF: No, man... where you been in living? Reseda?
  TTR. The Blue Light
From: "JWB" <>
  Also, don't forget the Tom Petty song, "Free Fallin". "It's a long day, livin g in Reseda, there's a freeway running through the yard...."
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NAPOLEON: No, San Jose
FZ: The evil dope pusher... is cutting up a white gym sock...
formerly owned by
Carl Zappa and still damp...
The shredded sock will be placed inside of a high school
diploma and ignited with a sulphur preparation...
  Of course Carl is Frank youngest brother you can see him in Uncle Meat movie,
  Also the recurrent motif of smoking somethig wet assosiated with Jeff Simons.
  See 200 Motels. Dental Hygeine Dilemma
Where Jeff smoked "still damp" towel recently used by Ahmet Ertegun

"What an aroma! This is the best I ever got off!"

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