Dental Hygeine Dilemma

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Jf: Man! This stuff is great!
It's just as if
Donovan himself had appeared
From: (Stan Ivester)
  Donovan Leitch, of "Atlantis" fame. His daughter, Iona Skye Leitch (who I believe now goes by just "Iona Skye") is a fairly well-known movie actor in the US. She was in "The River's Edge" a few years back.
From: (Chris Grace)
  He was a peace and love version of Bob Dylan. Major hits in 67-68, appeared at the Bath festival in 1970 and bored everybody shitless.
From: (Johannes Labisch)
  "Remember Donovona, the guy with the brocate coat? He used to sing to you about atlantis.."
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Jf: In this group, all I ever get to do
is play Zappa's comedy music.
From: Vladimir Sovetov ( )
  HE SUCKS! ( See CHUNGA'S REVENGE N&C Road Ladies )
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Ahmet Ertegun used this towel
as a bathmat six weeks ago at a rancid
From: (Chris Grace)
  The founder of Atlantic Records and a big wheel in the music business
From: (Stan Ivester)
  One of the Ertegun brothers, who founded Atlantic Records, which put out some great jazz and R&B in the '50s & '60s. The other brother's name is Nesushi . I believe they are of Arab descent. Ahmet Zappa was named for Ahmet Ertegun.
  Please make the correction that Ahmet Ertegun and his brother are Turks not Arabs as everyone knows. Their father was the ambassador of the country of Turkey.
  Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 09:46:43 -0500
  In case you are not aware Mr. Ahmet Ertegun is seriously ill right now in hospital recovering.
motel in Orlando, Florida,
with the highest mildew rating of any
commercial lodging facility
within the territorial limits
of the United States, naturally excluding
tropical possessions. It's still damp.
From: John Atwell <>
  I heard "highest nu-view rating". I recall seeing that phrase "nu-view" in some commercial mapbooks of the 1960s era, can't remember the exact map publisher, I think nu-view means first time visitor to a hotel. Hence a "high nu-view rating" means a lot of people choose to stay there, implication is because of it's cheepnis.
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What an aroma! This is the best I ever got off!
What can I say about this
Try it on steaks! Cleans nylons!
Small craft warnings!
From: Vladimir Sovetov ( )
  In the movie this infamous liqiud is a content of a bottle labeled

Golden Rot Gut
From: (Eric Pepke)
  I think it was a corruption of German/Yiddish "Schmerz," which means ache or pain.
once again From: Vladimir Sovetov < :->
  May be I am wrong but in Russian Shmert' is Death. The Russian comes to my mind just because of three cyrillic characthers on the front of unforgetable Rance cap .
  O|O A K (ζαλ) is a Russian spelling of the word FUCK.
M&H: What can I say about this elixir?

M: Jeff has gone out there on that stuff!
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  In the movie Flo'n'Eddie part of _Dental Hygeine Dilemma_ existed as separate piece. And can be heard ( while multicoloured Jeff very unnaturly simulating drug induced madness ) right before Teodor Bikel final _Strictly Genteel_ benediction :-).
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BC: He should have never have used the elixir
and only stuck to the incense.
From: (Chris Grace)
  This was the title of an album by Donovan, referred to above. I think Donovan is used throughout the album to define a plastic, definitely non-hip musician type. There is no doubt that he started out well, but became the sort of 'pop' star so often produecd in Britian who mimics American styles, not too well, and with little substance. Cliff Richard is another example of this. You can always tell, they sing with American accents even if they've never been further West than Uxbridge.
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M: That was Billy the Mountain,
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dressed up like Donovan, fading out
on the wall-mounted TV screen.
Jeff is flipping out. Road fatigue! We've got...
  Billy the Mountain - JABFLA
  Donovan - TTR
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M: Howard, that was Studebacher Hoch,
dressed up like Jim Pons, giving
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  The mysterious creatures from _Just Another Band From L.A._. The last one some folks say ( despite being dressed like Jim Pons ) looks like Zubin Mehta :-)))
  BTW, many people think that the last is not Hoch
From: Bruce Lowenthal (
  A "Studebaker Hawk" is a type of car that went out of production around 1960. Studebaker was one of the oldest US companies and manufactured Conastoga wagons which were used to cross the plains in the mid 1800's. While Studebaker made what many thought were "funky" cars the Hawk seemed pretty "snazzy" and perhaps FZ. In any case it is pretty clear that "Studebaker Hawk" was named after the car.
  OK, but it still wasn't named , it's a pun, because in mentioned above corrected by FZ Plastic People Songbook _Studbaker Hawk_ of the original transcribing rewrited by Frank own hand on _Studebacher Hoch_.
From: Evil Bob <>
  Yes, but it's BOTH a pun and the name of a car. This same bird-pun idea was used later in Act III of Joe's Garage for the song "Packard Goose". A "Packard" was another defunct automobile of an earlier age.

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