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When I'm dancing with Deseri
(Oo-ooo Deseri)
All the boys are jealous of me
I'm as happy as I can be
Oh, Deseri
From: (Biffyshrew)
  "Deseri"--the title may refer to "Deserie" by the Charts...but since FZ didn't write the song, it was presumably not his idea!
From: "Stephen C. Propes" <>
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Deseri . . .
(Deseri oo-ooo)
Deseri, the first day we met
(Deseri oo-ooo)
I'll never forget
(Deseri oo-ooo)
I saw you walking down the street
my heart skipped a beat
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  Most probably reference to 'The Closer You Are' by the Channels
My heart skips a beat
Every time
You and I meet
My life, my love, my dear
I can't defeat
This yearning deep in my heart
To have only you
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  Maybe, but this phrase occurs in other songs too, as well as in normal conversation.
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  It may not be possible to attribute certain phrases to a single definitive source. Tonight I listened to disk two of Rhino's Doo Wop Box II. I noticed the following phrases:
  • "my heart skips a beat"--The Cleftones, "You Baby You" (1955)
  • "hear my plea"--The Magnificents, "Up On The Mountain" (1956)
  • "story still untold"--Flamingos, "A Kiss From Your Lips" (1956)
  These phrases seem to have been recycled from one song to another.
  Also on the same CD are such FZ faves as "Rubber Biscuit", "Glory Of Love", and "Rang Tang Ding Dong (I Am The Japanese Sandman)", and "Let's Start All Over Again".
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But theres nothing . . .
(Deseri oo-ooo)
Nothing you would do
(The one for me)
I said, please hear my plea
(Deseri oo-ooo)
(My-y Deseri)
Come dance with me
(Deseri oo-ooo)
hear my plea)
  For 'hear my plea' CC check out Cheap Thrills. CWRTJ
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And I know . . .
(My-y Deseri)
That our love will last . . .
(Deseri oo-ooo)
Thru the years
(Deseri . . .)

For ever, holding each other,
for cram & for dorssn.
  What's this?

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