Sleep Dirt

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FZ: guitar
James "Bird Legs" Youman: guitar

FZ: (Aaaarff!)
JY: About that tempo?
FZ: mm-hmm.

JY: Damn! (hunh)
FZ: Gettin' tired?
JY: Naah, nuh-huh. My fingers got stuck.
From: (overcooked)
  My actual question is about the recording. It sounds different than most acoustic recordings I have is there something wrong? or inferior? there are these clicks each time the strings are plucked the sound of the fingers zipping on the steel strings is familiar
From: abraxas <>
  The sound you hear is a combination of close-miking and the fact that Frank played very close to the neck of his guitar. He also often used metallic plectrums which might account for the clicketty sounds. You can also get a similar sound with a very light pick though thought the click will come from the pick, not from the string.
From: Andy Hollinden <>
  If you bring your picking hand up, away from the bridge, until it's over the highest frets, you get that sort of sound. And, because you're over the fretboard, you get extra pops and smacks from the pick hitting it (audible almost to distraction on the CD). Also, Frank must have been mic'ed because his voice is so present and his guitar seems to occupy the same sonic "space" as James Youman's acoustic. My guess would be that what we have here is a nice, informal acoustic duet that produced Frank's favorite studio solo.

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