The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution

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From: Jon
  i noticed on "the ocean is the ultimate solution" frank seems to be using an odd tuning to play the stuff he plays... i also hear this same sound on a lot of beefheart... my question is this (mike can probably answer it) what is the guitar tuning used? actually i have another questions how do they get that unique sound? special effects/filters?
From: Gary Worsham <>
  I have tried to figure this out for ages (the middle section where FZ plays by hisself for a bit). I thought it was sped up guitar, so I sampled it and slowed it, that wasn't it. I finally decided it was either an electric 12-string or the electric bouzouki he plays on SUNPYG cut "Canard du Jour" except not so flanged out. Other than maybe some compression it don't think too much was used in the way of effects.
From: TTrocc7007 <>
  Fretless Acoustic you guys.
From: Andy Hollinden <>
  For what it's worth to this 12-string discussion, Terry Bozzio claims that Zappa played a oddly-tuned Fender 12-string on "The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution."

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