I Have Been In You

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I have been in you, baby
And you
Have been in me
And we
Have be
So intimately
And it sure was fine
From: (Mark J. Parisi)
  Something called _parody_. "I Have Been In You" is a takeoff on Peter Frampton. Zappa said many times the lyrics were idiotic.

From _Rock of Ages. The Rolling Stone History Of Rock And Roll_
  "The most unexpected superstar of the 1970s was Peter Frampton, an amiable baby-face from England who in 1976 just happened to sell ten millions copies of a collection of old nonhits called _Frampton Comes Alive!_
  _Frampton Comes Alive!_ yeilded a series of hit singles "Show Me the Way", "Baby I Love Your Why", "Do You Feel Like We Do" - and once again (but for the first time in America), Frampton ascended to the peak of teen idolatry, his long, curly blond hair and quavery tenor voice suggesting to feamle fans thet here was a cuddlesome new dreamboat who could also be justified for his considerable musicanship."
  And here is Frank's own comment on the subject, directly from
You Can't Do That On Stage Any More Vol.6
Is This Guy Kidding Or What?
October 30, 1977 (wrong date in booklet)
Location: The Palladium, New York City

Awright. See that? That's what you call a new song. I'm gonna stand up
here and read the son of a bitch while I'm doing it. We figured that this
is a good place to do this song. It's only been performed once before and
that was the-the evening after it was actually written in Boston.
I tell you the story of this song. This is called creative deviation from
the normal part of the program, simply because you trust the audiences
good taste so much that you know even if the band fucks up they'll go along
with it. Awright. Because, ladies and gentlemen, this song has an important
message and I believe this message has to be brought to the people of this
great metropolitan area.

Awright, now check this out. How many of you people feel that rock has
gotten entirely to preposterous. I see that you're not all convinced. Some
of you believe that rock is real. I can see that there was probably about
20 percent of the audience has had it up to here and the rest of you
people still believe in that shit. Okay, well this is dedicated to the
rest of you people that still believe in that shit. Now check this out:
How d-how do you rationolize the appearance of an album entitled I'm in
you? I mean, what, what is that, is that guy kidding?
What, I gotta kiss you again? OK.

Really, look, all kidding aside folks. Let's think about the world of rock,
just for a moment. Some of you already have those cute little shirts on
that say disco sucks, right? That's not all that sucks. Course Warner
Brothers sucks, but besides Warner Brothers there are other things about
this business that really suck. One of 'em is the way in which the subject
of love is dealt with in the lyrics of various serious rock artists, the
intensive-care contingent of the rock world.

These people, these people are fucked up, they're really fucked up. Because
see love isn't the way they're telling you about it, you know they're telling
you wrong, I'm gonna tell you right, you see. Now all of the ladies in the
audience you get to have fantasy time. This is female fantasy hour, okay?
You're a teenage girl right? You have abducted the succulent popstar of
your choice, right? You have taken the aforementioned popstar, who is
really cute and aryan and eats a lot of crumpets, back to your teenage
room, that's right, spindle twice. You have taken this turkey back to your
room, you have laid on your teenage bed, you've put your teenage legs up in
the air you have actually taken your own teenage pants off, you have the
teenage red bulb on, right next to the bed, the curtains are drawn, its
dark, its midnight. You put on a Phoebe Snow record, you're really
relaxing, tears come to your eyes, you are sensitive, you are in love.
The popstars of your choice takes of his pants and climbs on top of you,
and the next thing you know you hear this little voice in your ear and it

Oh I knew youd be surprised.
  And Frank was not kidding. Below is a quote from The Illustrated Rock Handbook p.86
  "Camel [Peter Frampton group] toured US and concentrated on American market till break-up in 1974, FRampton continuing to record solo albums and tour with various back-up bands, scoring best-selling live album of all time (10 million) with 1976 Frampton Comes Alive! LP which includes hit singles Show Me The Way, Baby I Love Your Way and Do You Feel. Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder and other names helped on 1977 success I'm In You.
I'm In You as a hit single
US - 2
UK - 41

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