The album's title mystery;-)))

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  About the title
From: (Brian Zavitz)
  Pronounced "Shake Yer Bootie". As it is written, it appears to mean the name of some fictitious Arabian oil Baron (hence the Arab headgear that Zappa is wearing on the cover). As it is pronounced, it means to dance, in 1979 cheesy American disco style.
From: (John Torrico)
  Well, it's "Sheik" (pronounced "Shake") and you are close. It really reads "Shake Your Booty", which was the name of one of KC & The Sunshine Band's biggest hits... "Booty" can mean several things these days, but at the time of the song it referred to your butt. It means dancing. For most of us, KC represented the worst of the disco movement... I saw them at Disney World when they were in their heyday (I was unfortunately working there at the time) and was struck by the "medley" that they did of their biggest hits... about 7 different songs... the rhythm section NEVER CHANGED THE BEAT from start to finish. Now that's some challenging music!
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  In accordance with Neil Slaven's "Electric Don Quixote" the name of KC & The Sunshine Band's 1976 top-charting hit was Shake, Shake, Shake

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