Trying To Grow A Chin

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  Obviously the song is a parody of Eagle's Hotel California '77 hit romantic stupidity. Laether version is an another proof of a fun.
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Hey! I'm only fourteen
Sickly 'n' thin
Tried all of my life
Just to
grow me a chin
  Why? To look like Sylvester Stalone?
From: David F Lynch <>
  I've always took "chin" as a synonym for "beard", but I could be wrong.
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It popped out once
But my dad pushed it in
Why did he hurt me?
He's my next of kin...
He's a
From: (Charles Ulrich)
  An imaginative spelling of "Mexican". Don't know what it means, other than sounding like "next of kin" and possibly being intended as an insult by a bigoted 14-year-old.
From: Bill Lantz <>
  A Mexican (from Mexico). Keneally said in an old Society Pages that the riff to this song came from an obscure old 45 R&B single that Frank had. Not sure what the Mexican connection is.
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I'm lonely 'n' green
Too small for my shirt
If Simmons was here
could feature my hurt
From: (Charles Ulrich)
  I think that either Jeff coined the phrase "feature one's hurt" or else FZ coined it in reference to Jeff. Perhaps someone else can fill in the details.
From: Bill Lantz <>
  Jeff used that saying ("Feature my hurt") alot I guess.

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