Yo' Mama

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You're really kinda stupid 'n' ugly too
You should never smoke in pajamas
You might start a fire 'n' burn yer face
Maybe you'll return to
You could go unnoticed in such a place
  Because a lot of stupid, ugly and inept people shouting no-passaran out there?-))
From: (Mike Puterbaugh)
  That, and because it sort of rhymes with "mama" and "pajamas". :) It seems to me that this song was written lambasting a typical "Po-Jama People"-type.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  In fact no:-))) Here is excerpt from Tommy Mars 1980 interview (A Definite Tribute To Frank Zappa. From The Publisher of Guitar Playes and Keyboard p.20-21)
  "Frank wrote that song at the very beginning of the '77 European tour; and it has a personal relevance to me. We were doing the rehearsal in LOndon and Frank was getting very tense. He expected certain thing to be there when we go to rehearsal, and certain things were not there. We were gonna do the song "Zoot Allures", and he started playing this 11th chord and got very angry at everybody because nothing was happening right. I got fined because I hadn't memorized this little piece called "The Little House I Used To Live In". I hadn't realized he wanted it totally memorized. So this rehearsal ended in a total fiasco. The next day, he came in with these lyrics: "Maybe you should staty with yo' mama..." It was really autobiographic; that's how things evolve with Frank."
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  Just wanted to add some funny nonsense. In 1976 tour FZ used the word Managua to desribe some private parts of the dog. Here is an excerpt from Osaka, 1976 Poodle Lecture (as usually transcribed by Pat Neve)
  And the wo-man went out with the paycheck, and the wo-man bought a pair of scissors, and the wo-man came back to the cave and she took the scissors and she clippeth upon the poodle in these important areas that I will demonstrate. The thorax, the medulla, the iggy ban tabadachi & the Managua. Leaving a little bit on the leggins and a little ball right here for some peculiar mysterious (?) erotic purpose which we will probably not discuss this evening.

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