Sinister Footwear II

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From: Bill Lantz <>
  Originally titled "C Instruments" saw one of it's first appearances (at least the first movement anyways) by a band called The Antennae Repairman. Art Jarvinen (EAR Unit and While You Were Art fame) had this to say about it.
From: ZappaLVR <>
  If I had to guess (which I do, tho some people on this newsgroup are apparently in possession of info beyond my reach), I'd say that the "intro" and main backing to SFII on TOU were re-created or re-recorded in the studio (with over-dubs, etc.), while the solo itself is taken (ala JG) from a live performance and layered ointo the studio mix.
From: AJ Wilkes <>
  I have a version of Sinister Footwear which contains the opening part of the Them Or Us version; up to the solo keyboard arpeggios. It all sounds EXACTLY the same, and even the feedback dives (which sound so VERY dead and unambient on the album) are there in their full glory.
From: (Jon Naurin)
  ...and this version (if we're talking about the same UMRK outtake) is quite clearly live. It has crowd noise at the beginning, as well as some FZ rap, which was how I identified it as being from 11/15/81. Of course, this version could also be an edit and contain studio parts, but I don't think so.
From: Alastair Mabbott <>
  ... that the version of "Sinister Footwear 2" on "Them Or Us" apparently comes from Baltimore, 15 November 81, at least until the solo kicks in. So the guy was right, it's live.
From: Michael Pierry <>
  That is indescribably weird to me. Anybody else have a hard time listening to that recording and believing that it's live? I've never heard any other live recording by FZ or anyone else that sounds that "dead", just no ambience whatsoever. That's what led me to believe it's a studio recording. So if I'm wrong, I certainly apologize, but I'm scratching my head wondering how it manages to sound like that and still be "live".
From: "Peter de B. Harrington" <>
  ToU on CD was one of FZ's first DDD releases, the other two that come into mind are the Perfect Stranger and DHBiM. Frank liked to tweak with the knobs abit, usually to get unconventional sound. I can't remember if the Ryko re-release was a remix or remaster of this CD, but you can findout at the Ryko web-site. I always liked the cleanliness of the "dead" sound, to me it is just one aspect that makes ToU one of my favs.
  See also comments to
  Theme From The 3rd Movement Of Sinister Footwear You're What You Is N&C

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