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  Acknowledgement 22-Aug-1998
  Introduction I (About dog on the front cover) 22-Aug-1998
  Introduction II (Short general note from Oberlin;-))) 22-Aug-1998
1.   The Closer You Are 22-Aug-1998
2.   In France 9-Mar-2002
3.   Ya Hozna 3-Mar-2000
4.   Sharleena
5.   Sinister Footwear II 22-Aug-1998
6.   Truck Driver Divorce 24-Aug-1998
7.   Stevie's Spanking 22-Aug-1998
8.   Baby, Take Your Teeth Out
9.   Marque-son's Chicken 22-Aug-1998
10.   Planet Of My Dreams 22-Aug-1998
11.   Be In My Video 22-Aug-1998
12.   Them Or Us 22-Aug-1998
13.   Frogs With Dirty Little Lips 22-Aug-1998
14.   Whipping Post 22-Aug-1998

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