Easy Meat

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This girl is easy meat
I seen her on the street
See-through blouse an' a tiny little dress
Her manner indiscreet...I knew she was
Easy, easy, easy meat
Easy, easy, easy meat
Easy, easy, easy, easy
Easy meat, easy meat, easy meat, easy meat
From: (Gary Owens)
On 'The Florida Airport Tape' (YCDTOSA #1) Mark Volman asks fellow band members whether anyone saw him puke on stage. "I was right in the middle of singing 'Easy Meat' or something,' Volman explains, when he did a mini-ralph.
  My question is: when did Frank write 'Easy Meat'?
From: (Pat Buzby)
  Freaks and Motherf**kers [censorship in original] from BTB 1 has a very short instrumental version of "Easy Meat" just before "Cruisin' For Burgers" near the end. This is from November '70. As far as I can tell, the song was then filed away and re-emerged in 1978 (see Saarbrucken 1978, also in BTB 1) and went through a series of arrangements before reaching the version which appears on Tinseltown (which is an edit of performances from two different tours, but never mind...).
  FZ improved the arrangement of this song a lot in subsequent versions [Saarbrucke]; the Saarbrucken version has a certain plodding, Spinal Tap quality to it. Also, the guitar solo isn't very interesting; at least it's a relief to know that even Vinnie played in a fairly mundane way on his first shows with FZ.
  The Anyway The Wind Blows version has a great guitar solo, but I still think the Tinseltown version is definitive.
  Two more bits of trivia about this song : it dates from the Flo and Eddie era, and several guitar solos from versions of it appear on Shut Up and Guitar.
From: "Hans Hendriks" <>
  Best version I ever heard was in Rotterdam May 24 1980.
  A friend of mine even wrote to Frank asking if it would be released in the (then) future. He answered he'd not listened to the tapes of the concert yet. Anyway he probably didn't agree.
  This live performance was recorded by Dutch Vara radio (still have the tape) and was of course bootlegged (Rotterdam 1980 dlp; Personality dlp)
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She wanna take me home,
Make me sweat and moan
Rub my head and
beat me off
With a copy of Rollin' Stone
  Interesting similarity to this peculiar hand-job/masturbation fashion could be found on YCDTOSA vol.4 _Tiny Sick Tears_
And you walk in
And your father, your tiny sick father
Is beating his meat to a Playboy magazine
Hes got it rolled into a tube
And hes got his tiny sick pud stuffed in the middle of it
Right flat up against the centerfold

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