For The Young Sophisticate

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There was a picture on the story
That showed a young sophisticator
Who falls in love three pages later
With some aggressive agitator
And by and by he comes to hate her
'Cause she don't shave her underarms
And he can't go for that
'Cause he's a young sophisticator
  I'm just wonderin' is there anyone who could identify the book?
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Not a book, a magazine article.
"She went to see the doctor
and there she read a magazine
It showed a picture on the story ....
  Doctor's offices are famous for having magazines in the waiting rooms. From this reference we can assume it's a pretty trashy fashion type of magazine or gossip column. Given the fact that she simply "went to the doctor" with no description given of a particular medical ailment, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to assume that the doctor was her gynecologist, and the magazines would thus cater to (exploit) women and their anxieties.
  This song is one of the great love songs of our time, the narrator singing about how he would "of course" continue to love his woman even if she rejected modern grooming practices.
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Or radiate a cheap aroma
Dear heart, dear heart
Or radia-iate,
or radia-ia-ia-iate a
Butzis aroma
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
  Al Malkin (see Joe's Garage N&C)
  Btw, did Al smell really bad, or it's about some Avona-Colohna he used too often?

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