Panty Rap

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From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  And here is the FZ story about origins of ceremonie right from Christophe DELBROUCK Frank Zappa - Chronique Disqographique book. Humble French to English translation is my own brave attempt :-))
  "On one concert in Philadelphia young girl approached the stage and pulled off before our eyes her little blue panty. I know that my drummer and one of the guys in the band too like to sniff the girls underpants. So I told the drummer to go to the girl and sniff her little panty. So he did winning great public approval. Later he told me that the odour of the undies almost killed him... But seeing that the public enjoyed a lot that little improvised number I decided to suggest to the girls at every later concert to do the same."
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"Hello there, welcome to the show.
No, we are
not going to play 'Cheepnis' -
that's right - but we
are collecting underpants,
and we are collecting
brassieres, we are collecting
small articles of
feminine underclothing.
We are
making a quilt...
really - trust me.
From: (Bill Lantz)
  It exists(ed) back around 1982-3. MTV ran a piece on their MTV News clip. The artist made a giant playing card and Frank was the Queen of Spades if I remember right - definately the queen anyway. Everything on the card (about 8 feet tall by 5 feet wide) was bras and undies. Don't know what ever became of it.
From: (Paul Remington)
  Yeah... I heard they kept the panties in their "pristine" form, by not washing them, so as to create a psychodelic miasma of an organic magnitude. Wonder if they used the "voodoo butter" underpants that almost broke Tommy Mars's neck.
From: "Hans Hendriks" <>
  ---this is from the booklet of the Tinseltown Rebellion Album.
  ALSO... the business about the underpants and making a quilt out of them etc., well... itÕs really being made (yes, right at this very moment) by a lady artist in Lyons, Colorado named Emily James... and, as if that werenÕt exciting enough, Ms. James insisted that all those lovely little under-garments you donated at the concerts not to be washed, thereby maintaining some exquisite sort of organic miasma in the vicinity of the finished work of art. She estimates it will take her a year to complete, and, when itÕs done, she plans to exhibit it in galleries across the US. For more information, please contact Emily James at this address: P.O. Box 545, Lyons, Colorado 80540
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  And you can see it in full colour right now http:/Misc/Quilt/
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What we got here? Oh. Now let's see what's on
the inside. Uh huh,
trainer coos. Okay. S'more,
s'more... Underpants, brassieres, just send 'em
From: (Cliff Heller)
  cooze is a sleazy term for pussy, but Frank spells it coos on the lyrics sheet. I think he means the same thing. It may be a bizarre connection to the so-called "training bra" worn by young women in early pubescence who are not developed enough to need them, but feel like they should be "wereing" something in order to be grown up.
From: Sean Gaffney <>
  I believe that's spelt cooze...y'know, the sticky spots on the panties, so to speak.
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Oh, here's one, thank you
very much. Chicago, if you'll recall,
was the town
in which we received the very famous
Voodoo Butter Underpants...
heh, heh... the pants that
nearly broke Tommy Mars' neck.
  Special Jimi Hendrix miasma cream?-)))
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Man From Utopia: "He told me later, the stuff on the inside was like punching an eclaire"
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So, we don't care
what kind of condition they're in.
What've we got here?
Twat Book', okay. Uh huh, very
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Pussy book? Was it old mamma cotton voodoo underpants with some words on it? Speedoo:-)) I believe it was a fashion thing some time ago to let your panty looks like being made from yesterday paper.
From: Mark Edmonds <>
  Well surely Twat is slang for pussy so Frank was handed a lonely person`s DIY book. This got passed to Vinnie so when the band members were announced later on, Vinnie was "on booklet". The printed music theory suggested elsewhere does not seem feasable to me.
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good - Zeets, whadduya think?
He already has
that one... no problem, though.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  As far as I know Den Simms wrote that Zeets was a nickname of Vinnie Colaiuta
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"Oh, some more? Okay.
Vinnie Colaiuta on booklet.
Now what does this say? 'Hi Frank,
  Does it just mean on a concert program booklet?

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