Heavenly Bank Account

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He's got twenty million dollars
In his Heavenly Bank Account...
All from those chumps who was
Born again
Oh yeah, oh yeah
From: Cliff Heller <>
  ... "Born Again" Christianity is a sect of the most evangelical variety. I'm not sure of its relationship to other denominations (Baptism?) but it's mighty popular among today's Religious Right.
He's got thousand-dollar suits
And a Wembley Tie...
Girls love to stroke it
While he's on the phone
From: Evil Bob <>
  Another double entendre. It is not necessarily ONLY the Wembley tie that girls love to stroke while he's on the phone.
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He is dealin'
He is really dealin'
IRS Can't determine
Where *The Hook* is
  Internal Revenue Service isn't it?
From: Cliff Heller <>
  Yep. Jeezo Bucks are Tax Free. Important omission:
Tax the churches
Tax the businesses owned by the Churches
  Who knows the story about why this line is deleted from the YAWYI album? Wasn't Zappa in full control over his record releases at that time? Isn't there plenty of other "offensive" stuff on this album? Did he want to avoid confrontation with the powers that be over this highly sensitive issue?
  He seemed to have no trouble with saying this during live performances yet it sounds like it is censored on the album. In place of this line is only a distorted sound.
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It is easy with the Bible
To pretend that
You're in Show Biz
And a-one and a-two and a)
From: Evil Bob <>
  This last line refers to the accent of the famous late bandleader Lawrence Welk.

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