Teen-age Wind

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*It's a miserable Friday night
I'm so lonely
And nobody'll give me a ride
To the Grateful Dead concert...Oh rats!*

I got to be free
Free as the wind
Free is the way
I got to be
From: (Arthur Barrow)
  from Arthur's comments on Tink Walk Amok from TMFU N&C
  (There is another entire story related to Cross [A guy I knew from San Antonio, the singer Christopher Cross] and "Teenage Wind" - that song was "inspired" by "Ride Like the Wind" after Frank had only heard me attempting to play and sing it on a Wurlitzer piano after I had heard it only once on the car radio! When a friend of mine told Cross about Frank's song, Cross said "I hope he doesn't release it while I'm peaking! When I told this to Frank, he said "Oo, I've been in the business 15 minutes and I'm peaking!")
  Very nice and could anyone (Arthur are here?) to provide us with the lyrics of Cross original song?
From: Cliff Heller <>
  No on the lyrics, they aren't much anyway, but more importantly, Frank played Ride Like the Wind LIVE on STAGE with Al DeMeola at the Ritz in 1981.
  After Clownz on Velvet they were joined by someone other than Cristpher Cross (Chris couldn't make it) to perform their rendition of this fundamentally bland pop song.
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Nothing left to do but get out the 'ol glue
(Sniff it good now...)
From: Evil Bob <>
  In days of old, when drugs were relatively unknown for a person of few means and 14 years of age, it was discovered that if one sniffs plastic model glue, one can get high as a fuckin' kite. Plastic Model Cement (as it was called) was manufactured by a number of companies, the most popular brands being "Testor's" and "Revell". Anyhoo, some time in the mid-70s somebody (probably led by some Concerned Parent Group) decided to alter the chemical composition of glue such that it retained its plastic bonding properties but lost its "euphoric" effects.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Check out such antic relict as _Charva_ from The Lost Episodes
Charva I loved you
I loved you through and through
I loved you since in grammar school
When we were sniffing glue
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The glue! The glue! I can't find the glue!
If I was at the concert now, I'd be
  Wasted, Twisted, Stoned, chemicaly entertained see comments on Strictly Genteel in 200 MOTELS N&C
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I could tighten my headband for an extra
Jerry's guitar solo
From: Evil Bob <>
  This refers to Jerry Garcia, guitarist for The Grateful Dead and co-creator of a truly nauseating flavor of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (called Cherry Garcia - blecch).
From: Cliff Heller <>
  Whoa, wait just a darn minute. The "Jerry" of Ben & Jerry's is NOT Jerry Garcia. Granted the Ice Cream Dudes are two hippies from Vermont who were Dead Fans, but the Ice Cream flavor was *inspired* by Jerry Garcia not created by him. On an interesting side note, the Ben & Jerrys' corporation is rather progressive and cool. They captured a large share of the premium ice cream market from Haagen Dazs, contribute a great deal to hip liberal causes, but more importantly, had a business policy that the highest paid employee could only make something like 7 times as much as the lowest paid employee. I think this made it hard for them to find a financial officer, but it's a pretty nifty idea regardless.
From: Dave Lane <>
  I seem to recall there was some threat of a lawsuit from the Jerry Garcia folks when this first came out, and now the name is licensed from them.
  Well, OK, but what about the extra rush? EXTRA RUSH of what? Blood sparkling with some synthetic substance?
From: Dave Lane <>
  Rush is like a "buzz"; like the effects of a drug.
From: Bill Lantz <>
  The extra rush would be the blood not circualting around the brain from the extra tight headband. Anything for a rush you know.
From: Cliff Heller <>
  Oxygen deprivation, the poor man's hallucinogen. During the early 80's there was a fair amount media hysteria over this type of "kick" the young people were on. One high profile case involved one Robert Chambers who was accused of murdering his girlfriend (Jennifer Levin?). His claim was that she was accidentally strangled during "rough sex" and that they had often used mutual and auto asphyxiation in order to enhance orgasm. I think there was another incident or rash of incidents from the same time of young children dying of autoerotic asphyxiation deaths (ie strangling themselves to death while whacking off). Believe me, I'm not making this up. Whether it happened or not is not the point. People were talking about it and I think this is the inspiration for Frank's references to tightening of the headband.
  CC: The Headband
  WOIIFTM - "Then perhaps a leather band to go around my head"
  FZMTMOP - "I see dem tightnin up dey headband on the weekend dey git loaded whin dey came ta towinnn."
Then I could go to a midnite show of 200 MOTELS!

"Opal, you hot little bitch!"
"You can take this pin n' hang it in yer ass!"
"You ain't the devil!"
"Where's my waitress?"
  Cocktail from lines actually said by Jimmy Carl Black redneck-cowboy character in two different episodes of 200 Motels movie.

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