Catholic Girls

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From: Francesco Gentile <>
  Precise date unspecified on the booklet: it was performed on February 12, 1988 (source: affz, Pat Buzby).
Joe had a girl friend named Mary.
They would meet each other there at the social club.
Hold hands. And think Pure Thoughts.
But one night, Mary wasn't there.
She was backstage at the Tower theatre suckin' cock
so she can get a ticket to meet Ike Willis for free . . .
From: Carl M Merson (
  I, a fellow named William Schools and 3 guys from New Jersey (I think) were the folks dancing to Approximate on stage at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia on Valentine's Day, 1988. Check out the picture of us in the first edition of the U.S. Society Pages, published in 1990. This event occured after a bunch of folks foisted a note to Frank after the intermission begging him to (a) conduct the audience in round (which he did), (b) have Chad Wackerman sing (he sang the Love Boat theme), and (c) have the band dance to "Approximate". Since he wasn't sure how many band members knew Approximate (except for the Fowlers), he asked the audience if we knew the song. Of course, we were the first to volunteer. Having come off of a high the night before, after meeting Frank and family backstage, William and I were more than willing to have another chance to "meet" Frank, even it it meant going on stage in front of 3,000 people and making asses of ourselves!
  The most hilareous thing I recall from my 3 minutes of fame was when Scott Thunes laid 4 pages of horribly dog-eared and yellowed sheet music in front of us and instructed us to "Dance to this!". What he put in front of us onto the stage floor was the original hand-written manuscript for Approximate. I nearly peed myself with joy.
From: Jon Naurin (
  It was in fact Den Simms (of Society Pages) who passed FZ the note with "some not so normal requests". They were actually as follows:
  1) For Ike do so a "solo" with his collected artifacts. (which he also did)
  2) Anything acapella (they did "The Closer you are")
  3) Have Chad sing
  4) Dance "Approximate"
  ... or blow off all of the above and conduct the fuckin' audience
From: ninja (
  zappa at the tower
  • 2-12-88
  • 2-13-88
  • 2-14-88
  was there

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