Crew Slut

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So, darlin', take a little ride
On Harry's face
And be a CREW SLUT
Yes sirrrr
Watch out he's (?)
equipment hasn't gotten wet
For a month-and-a-half
Hiss name is Harry
That's right
How about that West Bank huh?
From: Peter de B. Harrington
  On YCDTOSA "Crew Slut" mention is made about Harry not getting his equipment wet for 6 weeks. Does this refer back to the Beacon '88 show, when a Pepsi was spilled and shorted out the board?
From: Bob Stone (
  Ah, did you know it was Pepsi? Were you in the Beacon balcony? Frank was about to cancel that show until I let him know that I could feed a PA mix from the recording truck. Poor Harry. You can bet he will never position the console in front of an overhang again.
  And here is Mike Kenneally part of the story.
  Then we went back on for the second set, and it started reasonably enough, with "Who Needs The Peace Corps" and "We're Turning Again" - no, "Peace Corps" and "The Torture Never Stops". And it was actually a very nice version of "The Torture Never Stops". It came off quite well. So I thought things were gonna be pretty cool. But then, during "King Kong", which was the next song, somebody from the balcony dropped their drink over the balcony onto the soundboard, thereby frying the soundboard and ruining a $35,000 piece of equipment. Harry came over the intercom, saying that we could not go on with the show. It was not feasible. And Frank, over the screams of the uncomprehending audience, because they didn't hear any of this --- they didn't know that one of their own had fucked up the show, all they knew was that the sound was gone, and they figured that it was the sound guy's fault. Later on, one of the fans named Colin, who's always around, said that they were all yelling "Bring back Pinske!". Who was Mark Pinske, who was the sound guy from several tours ago. So I had to berate him and explain to him that it was one of the assholes in the audience who had done it, and not to yell at the sound guy. Because Harry is a very excellent sound guy. Anyway. Hopefully he didn't catch too much abuse out there. They managed to get a stereo feed from Bob Stone in the recording truck, and Bob was apparently having enough problems as it was because the truck almost went down, his console was in pieces, but he had to do an impromptu mix from the truck, so that the P.A. in the house sounded reasonable. We didn't know this at the time, on stage we just didn't know what was going on. Frank said we'll continue playing, and whatever comes off the stage is what you'll hear, so as far as we knew, all that anybody in the audience was hearing was our monitors and side fills and amplifiers. Which would have been very weird, but apparently they managed to get a usable stereo mix from the truck. So Bob Stone saved our life. We finished off the rest of "King Kong", and "Stairway To Heaven". Very pensive, kind of serious version of "Stairway To Heaven". I stood next to Ike and glowered. And then we went away and came back and did three songs which we had just barely rehearsed, "The Closer You Are", "No No Cherry" and "The Man From Utopia". At this point, buffoonery was the order of the day because Ahmet and, well, first, Diva came out, and Frank sang "The Closer You Are" to her, and that was actually very sweet. That was one of the better moments of the show. And then Moon came out and Diva and Moon danced to "No No Cherry", very well. Then Ahmet came out, inimitable Ahmet came out, and they all cavorted to "The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou". And Diva did a cartwheel and got a huge reaction from the audience, so she did about nineteen more cartwheels, and then Moon did some cartwheels, and then Ahmet did a cartwheel...later that night I complimented him on his cartwheel and he was genuinely anxious to know whether it actually looked good, and I reassured him that it was good, he wasn't all bent up and it really looked pretty cool. He was happy to hear that...then we went away, no we didn't go away, we stayed on stage for what was supposed to be the second encore, we continued by playing "Whipping Post", for which Dweezil came on and did a guitar solo --- oh! I got a guitar yesterday. There's a new line of Kramer guitars which, apparently, Dweezil helped to design, that have an unusual amount of sustain. I haven't had much chance to play it amplified, but I dweedled on it in the hotel room all night, and it's actually very nice. A nice red guitar, it's called Beretta One - Beretta One, is it? Yeah. All it's got is a volume control, and a good whammy bar that goes both ways. So here I am with a new guitar. Getting stuff. Getting equipment. Pretty cool.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Harry is Harry Andronis FZ 88 tour house mixer.

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