Pick Me, I'm Clean

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Then she said,
I'm learning English
I can say "thank you"
I think I like you
Do you like my band-aid?
I hope you do...
  What's she is talking about? I believe it's not that much effective in case of gonokakhus:-)))
From: (Jon Naurin)
  I think we discussed the meaning of the lyrics to this song a while ago, but I don't remember if we drew any conclusions. To me, it seems to be made up by various pick-up lines from groupies that the band-members had been confronted with. And what might the meaning of the "Vinnie goes bare-back" part be? Does "Eddie should get back" hint that Frank was missing Ed Mann from the 1980 line-ups?
From: "Peter de B. Harrington" <>
  The band-aid is perhaps covering up the needle hole where they took a blood sample. The blood test is a good way of spotting a spectrum of infections (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). See she is saying, I've been tested and I'm clean.
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Pick me, I'm clean...
Vinnie goes
Peter goes wet-back
Denny goes way back
Eddie should get back
Pick me I'm clean...
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Bare-back is a term for sex without a condom, but the aids crisis hadn't broken yet. We were still a sexually liberated society and condom use was not particularly popular.
* * *
  Below Arthur Barrow questioned about song origins
  - Is it a song about a real person or just a common idea of crew slut?
From: Arthur Barrow <>
  It was about a specific girl in France who said that to a band member in a club. She proceeded to attempt to have sex with all the band members, and was fairly successful. She was wearing a bandaid, and wanted to travel with the band. She spoke a little English.
  - You aren't on the list of her testers, so it wasn't your day of road glory:-))
From: Arthur Barrow <>
  yes - I had the sense to stay away from her and not have my name mentioned in the song. I am much happier being immortalized by a "Tink Walks Amok" rather than a "Pick Me' or a "Stevie's spanking", thank you very much. Besides, she was a sweathog. I have stooped pretty low in my day, but not that low. Who would want sloppy seconds, or thirds, or whatever from Peter Wolf anyway? Yuk!

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