Tinsel Town Rebellion

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From Madam Wong's
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to Starwood
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To the Whiskey on the Strip
  Was there anything special about the joints?
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Forget their chops and play real dumb
From: John Henley <>
  "Chops" in this context refers to the ability shown by experienced, well-practiced musicians. For instance: Terry Bozzio has outstanding chops on the drums.
From: Sean Gaffney <>
  A band member with talent is said to have 'chops'.
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Or else they would be sunk
So off they go to
S.I.R. to learn some stupid riffs
  Here is translation of german footnote from songbook Zonx made for your pleasure
  by (Konrad)
  "Studio Instrument Rentals; Probenraume fur Rockgruppen in Los Angeles." - "rehearsal space for rock groups in Los Angeles."
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And practice all their poses
In between their powder sniffs

Chop a line now, snort it up now
From: "Peter de B. Harrington" <>
  Chop up a line of cocaine, another habit of the big groups.
  See _The Man From Utopia_ N&C. _Cocain Decision_ section.
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Is everybody happy?
From: John Henley <>
The phrase "Is everybody happy?" comes from the stage act of the American bandleader and entertainer, Ted Lewis, whose career lasted from the 1910s into the 1960s.
Oh never mind!
No problem!
  And here is a little discussion about Tinseltown musical eyebrows, ladies and gentlemen. Be aware that some folks talk about this album's version and some about Does Humor Belong In Music. But still it's a great noise:-))
From: (Michael B. Kassel)
  How many musical parodies can you spot in the title song itself (TTR); Here is what I got so far:
  The theme itself (A Tinseltown Rebellion -- a Tinseltown Rebellion) has a broadway feel to it, but I can't pin down the exact song it reminds me of; you're help is appreciated in this.
  There is a devo parody early in the song under the lyrics "Chop a Line Now."
  Perhaps the most clever parody comes towards the end of the song around the line "Come to skim the Cream" -- between the words "the" and "Cream," Zappa does a quote from "Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream -- and this is musical humor at its best -- it fits perfectly!
  Of course, the ending consists of a parody of the Tonight Show Theme, altered just enough to keep them from getting sued, followed by the closing flourish to none other than the ending theme to "I Love Lucy."
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Tinseltown was and always will be Hollywood. Not broadway, this is the Silver Screen, not the Theater.
From: (Biffyshrew)
  You forgot the "Light My Fire" riff played under the Jim Morrison reference!
From: Jon Naurin <>
  ... here are two more:
  "groups that look real queer, "I tumble for ya'" refers to Boy George/Culture Club.
  "leather groups, "Eye to eye, rock you like a nincompoop" might be "Rock you like a hurricane" by the Scorpions.
  And of course, "I write the songs that make the young girls cry" is a Barry Manilow song.
From: (FHBanta)
  There was a band on emptyV in the 80's that had "eye-to-eye" in the chorus. I can't remember their name. Maybe "Koo-Koo Flamage" or something. All's I can remember is that they were from some European country and the singer had a real 80's hair-doo. They were of an corporate music industry genre trying to ride the coat-tails of punk/new wave. This formulaic genre propounded by industry executives is what Frank is lampooning in the song, not punk rock itself. The author of "The Communist Dialectics of Poodle Caca" contends that it is punk rock that Frank is attacking. I think he needs to listen to the song a few more times. Excellent song, I might add.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Kajagoogoo: "too shy".
From: "Hans Hendriks" <>
  Wouldn't Fred be talking about the band with the name Eye To Eye, who had a minor hit with the song 'Am I Normal' in 1980, they fit his discription.
From: (Stan Ivester)
  Actually at the *very* end the Lucy theme becomes the old Woody Woodpecker cartoon theme, complete with orchestrated "ha-ha-ha-HA-ha" laugh. This is the conceptual link to Ike saying, "Hi-ho Woody, Hi-ho Pecker."

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