Filthy Habits

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  In many concerts of 1976 this great tune was final part of "wo-men do it with doggie" suite. Which usually included these numbers:
  • Stink-Foot
  • Poodle lecture
  • Dirty Love
  • Filthy Habits
  Here is a lyrics bridge between Dirty Love and Filthy Habits from The Eyes of Osaka bootleg as was transcribed by Pat Neve
3. Dirty Love

I'll ignore your cheap aroma
And your little-bo-peep diploma
I'll just put you in a coma
With some dirty love
Some dirty love
That dirty love
That dirty love

Now wait a minute, now the poodle, the poodle in this case (?) too many
times and has proved even to this audience that has an extremely bad case
of . . . Filthy Habits.

4. Filthy Habits

  So now you know the origins of the title! ARF!-)
  According to Norbert Obermanns's book Zappalog this piece along with the other SLEEP DIRT CD item the Sleep Dirt itself FZ originaly planed to release on aborted 2LP album 'The Night Of The Iron Sausage' which due to WB being affraid of possible Herbie Cohen legal action was shrinked to single LP now universaly known as ZOOT ALLURES album.
  See detailed discussion in ZOOT N&C appendix, where you find Biffy arguing that originaly the name Filthy Habits was given by FZ not to the piece we know by this name now, but to another SLEEP DIRTY goodie - The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution

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